Fixed Income Overview

4 May, 2022
  • TBC Capital Sovereign index ( lost 1 8 in last two weeks Sell off in regional sover eign bonds last week of April contributed 1 price decrease of index Romanian and Uzbek Sovereign bonds were major contributors in price drop Romanian Sovereigns lost 6 whereas Uzbek Sovereign lost 5 in last two weeks
  • TBC Capital Corporate bond index ( lost 1 in last two weeks Sell off during last week of April was major contributor in price drop index lost 0 7 last week Major contrib utors in index drop were Turkish and Kazakh bonds, which lost 5 and 3 respectively in last two weeks
  • Georgian Benchmark Sovereign bond was one of the worst performer along with TBC Bank’s senior bond among Georgian Eurobonds Sovereign bond lost another 2 percent in price, while TBC Bank bond went from trading at par to trading into discount, as price decreased by 2 5 bringing yield to maturity at 7
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