Tracking the Recovery

6 Nov, 2020
  • YoY change in newly issued mortgages stabilized at +16% YoY in October. Of mortgages issued since 6th of July, 33.2% are beneficiaries of the state subsidy program
  • Growth of transaction registrations in Tbilisi remains on the positive growth territory at +4% YoY
  • Highest occupancy in October was observed in Kakheti at 23%, while seaside hotels were least occupied at 3%
  • Compared to the previous weekend, occupancies decreased in Kakheti, seaside and other regions while it increased for Tbilisi and amounted to 4% in seaside, 15% in Tbilisi, while hotels in Kakheti and other regions displayed 36% and 28% occupancies, respectively
  • Growth of non-cash spending on restaurants at mid-June level in the October 25-31 period
  • Growth of remittances inflows through TBC channels shows a significant decrease compared to the previous week, now on the negative growth territory, standing at -8% YoY in the seven days of 25-31th October
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