Tracking the Recovery

16 Oct, 2020
  • YoY change in mortgages standing at +37% YoY in 1-13 October period. The share of state subsidy program beneficiaries in total mortgages issued since 6th of July keeps decreasing
  • In 1-8 October period, the transaction registrations in Tbilisi moved to the negative growth territory at -2% YoY
  • Forward occupancy rates for October without pre-COVID bookings amount to 2% for seaside, 6% for Tbilisi, while large hotels in Kakheti and other regions are 18% occupied
  • The week’s change in the occupancy for October indicate growth for Kakheti (+6p.p.) and other regions (+4p.p.), a decrease for Tbilisi (-1p.p.), while no change has been observed for seaside hotels
  • Non-cash spending on hotels once again down compared to the previous week while restaurants showing slight improvement
  • Remittances inflow in TBC remain on the positive growth territory, standing at +14% YoY in the seven days of 5-11th  October
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