Tracking the Recovery

31 Jul, 2020
  • Transaction registrations in Tbilisi are approaching a positive growth territory, currently standing at -6% YoY
  • YoY change in mortgages stood at 7% in the week ending on 29th July. Of mortgages issued since 6thof July, 30% are beneficiaries of the state subsidy program
  • Reservations for July indicate a 4% occupancy in Tbilisi, 15% in Batumi, 37% in Kakheti and 19% in other regions (including Kutaisi, Borjomi, Kazbegi)
  • Occupancies are lower for SME hotels, although Kakheti leads the grid with 22%
  • Improvement observed in non-cash spending in restaurants, with the growth standing at -23% in the fourth week of July
  • Remittances inflow in TBC remain on the positive growth territory, standing at +18% YoY during 20-26thJuly
  • Google mobility index mostly displays a recovery, except for working places and transit stations
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