TBC Bank and the Free University sign a memorandum of cooperation

24 Feb, 2020

A memorandum of cooperation has been signed between TBC Bank (TBC) and the Free University. The memorandum was signed by Vato Lezhava, rector of the Free University, and George Tkhelidze, deputy general director of TBC Bank.

The memorandum of understanding envisages diversity of knowledge for Free University students and their involvement in TBC cultural-cognitive projects and events, public lectures, seminars and workshops.

At the signing ceremony, TBC recognized the winners of the student program — TBC Camp — Free University students, Zura Tavartkiladze and Luka Akhaladze, who worked on the AbbVie project. The winning team received 100 bank shares from TBC as a reward.

The goal of the TBC Camp program is for students to gain real work experience and better understand the financial sector. TBC Camp was integrated into the Free University’s fourth-year finance student curriculum in 2019. Throughout the semester, students went through a variety of stages that included public lectures by TBC Capital, discussions of business cases related to assignments given to the students, and consultations with TBC representatives. In the final stage, the students presented their final investment projects to the jury.

The next generation is a top priority for TBC, where young people are offered an opportunity to share their interests and knowledge. TBC has been implementing numerous projects in this area for several years.

200 Scholarship Holders
TBC Scholarships is one of TBC's largest social responsibility projects. For the second year in a row, with a variety of organizations, schools and individuals, TBC is selecting talented children most in need of financial support for their development. The project covered all regions of Georgia, where TBC has found young inventors, mathematicians, dancers, artists, musicians, and athletes who receive a monthly stipend from the TBC status project — Status Donates.

Statusdonates.ge is the first online Georgian charity platform that, on behalf of TBC Status and its users, promotes the development and success of the next generation. Through the project, 30 beneficiaries have been funded so far.

Educational Excursions
As part of TBC's organized and supported exhibitions, schoolchildren are accompanied by guides to attend educational tours and workshops.

Partnership for Education TBC offers events and meetings tailored to the interests of the younger generation. For example, within the framework of this initiative, TBC scholars had the opportunity to speak to a representative of the National Bank about financial education, and Lado Abkhazava, the finalist of the Global Teacher Award, spoke to them about civic responsibility.

International Book Festival
TBC is a supporter of the International Book Festival, in which the company offers entertaining programs to young readers.

Special Offers
In addition to educational activities and special gifts, schoolchildren can avail of TBC‘s #1 student card specifically designed for their use.

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