Nikora Trade issues bonds in the amount of 35 million Georgian Lari through TBC Capital

15 Nov, 2021

Nikora Trade, in the form of public emission has issued bonds in the amount of 35 million Georgian Lari through TBC Capital. TBC Capital has been working with Nikora Trade from 2017 and this is already 4th placement of bonds.


The bonds were placed on Georgian Stock Exchange in national currency, what allows the company to avoid currency related risks. The bonds will be connected to Tbilisi Interbank Interest Rate - TIBR. This way, parties support popularization of TIBR and its establishment on local market.


Company was provided with credit rating by Scope Rating and was evaluated as B+ (Stable).


High interest was expressed in regards with the bonds from the financial institutions, and placement was completed in short terms. Similar to other public bonds issued in Georgian Lari, these bonds can be used as collateral at the National Bank of Georgia, what enables investing commercial banks to gain additional financial resources in local currency.


„Nikora Trade has been an active member of local capital market for several years. Company was using attracted resources for expansion of the chain stores. Main goal of the new emission is the same- resources will be allocated for establishment of new trade facilities and this will enable us to become even closer with our customers. This means, that more people will be able to use the services provided by our supermarkets. Also, additional employment opportunities will become available. Bonds denominated in Georgian Lari enables us to optimize loan capital structure, what makes company even more stable taking into consideration the currency fluctuation. Resources attracted following every emission are characterized with growing trend, this indicates on the increasing trust of the investors to the company. The latter is the result of the company transparency and operational outcomes. We are pleased to take another step-in development of Georgian capital market”- Davit Urushadze, JSC Nikora Trade, executive director.


„Forth emission with our participation is the clear example of successful cooperation of TBC Capital and Nikora, as well as another step taken in development of local capital market. It is noteworthy, that index attached to the TIBR, enables company and the investor to invest in obligations with actual price. Nikora is an active participant of the Georgian capital market, and we will continue to strengthen this market with future joint emissions. It is important that, TBC Capital is actively engaged in placement of local bonds, thus promoting attractiveness of Georgia for local and foreign capital”- Mary Chachanidze, TBC Capital, Managing Director.


JSC Nikora Trade is Nikora Group company, which is represented on the market with more than 380 trade facilities and offers customers more than 8000 products. As of today, the company is the market leader in terms of number of chain stores, as well as market share. Supermarket chain covers entire Georgia. Nikora Trade is one of the largest employers in Georgia- number of company employees exceed 6000.

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