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TBC Capital provides a suite of investment options to accompany any investor on their journey to financial success. Our products are tailored and delivered to meet your needs, whether you prefer to invest independently or favor a professional’s approach. We strive to meet clients’ needs and challenges by finding them opportunities in markets across Georgia and the globe. We offer a full range of asset classes and investing styles: self-directed and managed, with our expert guidance. We are here to help make your investment strategies work for you.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets

TBC Capital can facilitate access to numerous capital-raising options. This can be the placement of debt or equity securities, improving balance sheet structure, decreasing overall financing costs, or attracting funds to finance new opportunities.

By maintaining close ties with an established database of potential investors who expect a steady flow of new deals, we help businesses accurately estimate the full array of options available. This properly manages expectations on the issuer side, while matching the needs of the investor, which in conjunction substantially increases the chances of successful placement.

Debt Capital Markets

We offer a complete advisory service for the placement of various debt securities on the local and international markets. The placements are made privately or publicly, in local or hard currencies, the bonds are senior or subordinated, unsecured or collateralized. Based on the client’s specific needs, we come up with tailor-made solutions that can be successfully distributed to investors through our established channels.

Debt Capital Markets
Equity Capital Markets
Private Capital Solutions

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