About Brokerage

Whether an experienced or novice investor, TBC Capital provides a suite of investment options to guide you to your investment goals. Our products are tailored and delivered to meet your needs, whether you prefer to invest independently or favor a professional’s approach.

Brokerage Services

Trading Account

A self-trading account, which gives you access to your portfolio and the opportunity to trade by yourself using our dynamic online trading platform tools, such as TBC Capital WebTrader, Mobile Trader and Professional Trading Platform.

Brokerage Account

A broker-executed account, which allows you to execute trades on the domestic and international markets working by phone or email with a trusted TBC Capital broker.

Custody Services

Custody services to ensure the safekeeping of your portfolio’s financial instruments: distribution of securities income, redemptions of securities and coupon payments; securities encumbrance with execution and pledge operations accounting; protection of securities against theft, damage or destruction; strict monitoring of orders; and tailoring, with all securities transactions tasks handled for you by the broker.


Why Invest With Us

Client-Centered Approach

We take pride in providing our clients with the best customer service. Our trusted brokers are always ready to answer your questions.

Market Reach

With TBC Capital you can access 135 markets, over 30 currencies, frontier markets, and trade multiple asset classes.

Account Protection

We have been a National Bank of Georgia (NBG) licensed broker-dealer since 1999. With TBC Capital your assets are in the care of tier 1 custodians.


Multi-Asset Trading Platform


Whether you are just entering the world of investment or you are an experienced trader interested in faster, more efficient portfolio management, TBC Capital’s electronic trading platform will provide you with the tools and support necessary to reach your investment goals on your own.

We give you access to 135 exchanges across 30 countries and allow you to trade a variety of assets including stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), currencies, derivatives and more. Log on and access numerous possibilities:

  • Portfolio management from anywhere in the world
  • Execute trades on the world’s major stock exchanges
  • 3 ways to trade online: TBC Capital WebTrader, Mobile Trader and Professional Trading Platform
  • Up-to-date market information
  • Transparent pricing with no account opening minimum and no hidden fees
    Analytical support from a team of professionals

Products & Pricing

Country CurrencyComissionMinimum Per Order
United States (All American Exchanges)USD0.075 Per share18
United Kingdom (London Stock Exchange) GBP0.2% of Trade Value11
CountryCurrencyComission per contractMinimum
CountryCurrencyComission per contractMinimum
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